Two weekends ago we finally bit the bullet and bought a new settee.  We had extensively shopped around and fully expected to be told by the sales lady that the settee would arrive in time for Christmas as every where else had told us.  My chin nearly fell through the floor when she said that in fact it could be with us on Monday 5th September, yes, yesterday.
Thankfully she took pity on me and my mad stammering and helpfully said that she could hold on to it until Saturday 12th September, if that would be any help.  Oh Yes Yes, please! I responded.
We then quickly dashed home to consider our growing patch of paint swatches.

Not a very good photograph, but we ended up choosing the very top colour, Turtledove Grey by Sanderson which I had mixed up by the lovely people at Pickwick Papers and Fabrics in Greenwich.
Sunday I spent painting.  

Ian will hold his hands up and admit to not being the practical one in this relationship, though he makes a mean cup of coffee and holds ladders very well (in fact that is how we fell in love, me a top a ladder which he was footing, for what felt like days…but that is another story!).  So here I am looking my very best, painting the ceiling, before I went on the give the whole room two coats.  

One wall still needs a little attention, but my hands and arms are really aching after one full day and one very long night of pointing so  tonight I have the night off  and I am going to this
One of Howies Wee Do Lectures (the baby versions of their Do Lectures) the promo email read… 
Tomorrow night is our next Wee Do event, Louise and Rachael, founders of Prick Your Finger wool shop in Bethnal Green, will be coming into the Carnaby Street store.  They will be talking about the raise of the new wave of hand knitting, by telling the story of ‘Cast Off Knitting Club For Boys and Girls’ , and how it brought KIP (Knitting in Public) back into fashion.  It will move into how and why Prick Your Finger started, and a quick low down on fibre production in Britian today.  The purpose of the shop and the events they put on are to promote knitting and handcrafts as a constructive past time.”
I’m not a knitter, I’m a sewer, but I still think this could be interesting.  I’ll report back.

Sorry about the formatting of this post, I just can’t get it to behave 😦


2 thoughts on “Decorating”

  1. When you've done yours, d'you feel like coming round and doing mine too?

    Seriously – well done. Decorating on a deadline is never much fine! Lovely colour for the walls too.

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