Pinch and a punch…

….’tis the first of the month! Hope you are all healthy and hearty.
Bank holiday weekend was a very quiet one for us. Ian made it home from the Middle East on Friday so Saturday was spent trying to wade through piles of washing whilst trying not to fall asleep.

We wondered out to Blackheath in the late afternoon where I saw what it possibly the most exciting thing ever…. Noa Noa is coming to town! A shop is opening on Montpelier Vale on 23rd September. I will be there camped out on their front door step, nose smushed against the glass.

I first discovered Noa Noa in 2003 when racing in the Tall Ships Race (the very final Cutty Sark Tall Ships Race) through Danish Waters and the Baltic Sea. Due to a number of electrical issues with our boat, we ended up in port in Aalborg a little longer than we originally anticipated; And there I had a near religious experience in my very first Noa Noa store.

Over the years I have been exceedingly restrained and not bought very many pieces. Instead, I have waited and saved and only bought the odd little bit here and there. But the temptation of having a whole shop in my door step my be a little too much to bare!


2 thoughts on “Pinch and a punch…”

  1. We went to the (very blustery) Bilsdale Show on Saturday. Hope the washing pile has reduced and that you've made room in the wardrobe for all those new clothes!

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