Blackheath – hotbed of environmental activity, ’cause drinking tea counts as subversive activity. Right?

I’m really one of the last people to make any sort of complaint over action to raise awareness of Climate Change. We really do need to make radical steps in the way we as a nation and globaly are dealing with the issue.

But really, what can the Climate Camp at Blackheath bring? They certainly have a special brand of tea drinking anarchy. Cycling past them on the way to work this morning, the camp looked more like a tent exhibition than a hot bed of political confrontation. With promises to hold workshops on Bio-Fuels, (which I would be very interested in. Are they pro them, or anti? Personally I have grave reservations about them. In appropriate agriculture can in many cases lead to a worsening of environmental problems, such as water scarcity, soil erosion and land contamination through Nitrogen leaching and washout.), Heathrow (presumably the expansion debate), yoga and wooden pencil making.

Because wooden pencils will save the world. Really.

They have also said that they have chosen the Heath as it sits in the Floodplain and they wanted to highlight what may be lost to Climate Change and Flooding. A quick and cursory glance at any flood maps would show that the Heath is actually one of the safest, if not the safest place in London to be based should a flood event occur. It is not in a Flood Zone at all, nope nada, nothing.

Bless them, at least they are trying. In every sense.


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