Update: evidentally you can steri strip you own fingers…

…it is just very very tricky.

So as promised, photographs of the much admired skirt. Please ignore my messy bedroom in the back ground. I didn’t think to tidy before I took these, and I’m not sure I could retake them with a bandaged finger!
Made with two identical pairs of jeans from Monsoon. Simply unpicked the inner leg seams, and filled the gaps with material from the second pair. The fish tail was a very happy accident, but I love it. I have to wear the skirt with a belt as the waist is too big.
I am quiet curvy, so I rarely get jeans which fit both my bum and my waist. So I live with the belt.
I’m considering making a second, slightly more tailored version using some of Ian’s old suit trousers in a charcoal pin stripe. I fancy a bustle type affair. Will let you know how it goes.

Also – I may be off line for a few days.
The computer is refusing to spit out a CD, so it is being whisked off to see a Genius at the Apple Store in Bluewater. I suspect that they may have to keep it for a few days. Thank goodness I treated myself to an iPod Touch for my birthday, otherwise I would be completely unplugged from the internet, and I’m not sure how I would cope. I haven’t tried posting to the blog from the Touch yet. Perhaps it is time to experiment.


2 thoughts on “Update: evidentally you can steri strip you own fingers…”

  1. That is Tag. My trusty little bear, who is also a northerner. He came from Childrens World in Team Valley when I was about 4 years old. So you don't argue with the bear – he's mighty hard, being from Gateshead 'n all!

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