In which Amy Butler thought my skirt was cool.

Today I was a brave bunny, and headed up into town.

I hate Oxford Street. Really HATE it.

I only head up there if I really really have no other option. One of the main things I hate about Oxford Street is that it is on the Central Line.

(It is one of the older, and therefore deeper tube lines, and therefore HOT. Plus it is one of the main commuter lines through London, therefore squished.) {how many therefores?!}

So I pulled on my backpack, filled my trust Sigg bottle with ice and water and headed into town. Fought my way to Oxford Street, cursing tourists the entire way, to the safety of John Lewis Haberdashery department.

Where I was going to meet and listen to Amy Butler talk about her inspirations and creative process.

We were met by a lovely lady from Rowen Fabrics and usherd behind the scenes of John Lewis, up to the sixth floor office area (which isn’t as swanky as you may think) and into a little meeting room, where Amy sat on a little sofa covered with the most amazing quilt.

We were fed and watered, with OJ and sticky Danish Pastries (really, are sticky cakes a good idea when we would be pawing some of Amy’s samples? I thought not, so abstained.)

David (Amy’s rather dishy husband) and technical right hand set up the computer and Amy proceeded to take us through her holiday snaps. Sound crazy, but true. After introducing us to her family of delightful cats, we then got a sneak peak of her trip to Bali and India.


Fabrics, flowers, temples, traffic.

The colours, shapes, details were inspiring. No wonder Amy came back from her trip full of ideas to work into the next fabric range.

Also, she is about to release a range of Rugs. Drop dead gorgeous, handmade, hand cut, made in India Rugs. I want one when they are launched. Better start saving now.

We had each been given a free pattern pack fro the bed bug pillows, which will be so very handy for the next spate of babies which my friends seem to be having.

Amy kindly signed mine for me. And then asked me where I got my skirt from, as she thought it was so cool.


I was wearing a skirt that I made some time ago out of two worn out pairs of jeans. It is, even if I say so myself, super cute. By happy accident, it has the coolest fish tail, which I adore, but can be tricky in ques!

When I told her that I had made it myself, she made me stand up and do a twirl, and asked me how I did it.

I felt about ten foot tall!

I know that she is a very lovely lady, and I am sure says something wonderful to every person that she meets, but I was thrilled!

So much so that I dashed home and finished the quilt top that I am currently working on.




4 thoughts on “In which Amy Butler thought my skirt was cool.”

  1. oh so jealous! and she loved your skirt – when you're 95 you will say, 'amy butler loved my skirt' and it will be awesome.

    beautiful quilt top! and your package is somewhere over the atlantic – i hope 🙂

  2. I just popped over from Dottycookie to have a peek at your blog and this caught my eye! My eldest daughter and I went to see Amy Butler at the Fat Quarters near Newcastle – and you are right, she is lovely, although I think I would have preferred it if she had talked more about her designs and how she comes up with them rather than her holiday – even though it was relevant to how she gets her amazing ideas!

    Lucy x

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