The Guild

In my spare time I am a geek. I’m sorry I know, its something I know that my parents were hoping that I would grow out of, but I never have. It all started when I was small. Knightmare, Robin Hood, Star Trek – Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Space Precinct, Stargate.

And most importantly, in 1997, Buffy, which I was a faithful fan till the end.
Then, Firefly and Serenity. What can I say other than I aim to misbehave.

I was hooked. And to this day I remain an ardent fan of the great Joss Whedon. Joss, in my eyes, is quiet literally boss.
Anyhoos, where is this ramble going you may ask.
The Guild is a wonderfully low budget mini series staring Felica Day (of Buffy Season 7 & Dr Horrible) filmed for most part in peoples bedrooms.
Season 3 preimers on line on the 25th August (next week – woot!). In celebration of this, The Guild has just released their very own music video, directed by Jed Whedon (brother of…yes you guessed it, Joss.)

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