I wanna be a Drover

So I have been watching rather a lot of films in the past week. Catching up on all the ‘chick flick’s that I don’t usually get a chance to see.

One of the films I settled down to watch was Australia. I don’t know about the rest of the world, but here in England, it got fairly dreadful reviews, but I watched it with an open mind.
I really did enjoy it.
It is rather long, but it kept my attention the whole way thorough. I think it may have done better with the reviewers if it had a different title. Though called Australia, it really wasn’t about Australia, but about a snap shot in time for one ‘family’.
But the real thing that got me were the horses and the horsemanship.
When I was younger I played a sport called Polocrosse. I played for 7 years at a relatively high level. Though Polocrosse is played in many countries around the world, it was ‘invented’ into its current form in the late 1930’s in Australia. The style of riding needed is very similar to that of The Drover’s in the film, Neck Reining, standing to gallop, strong horse agility. I loved the sport, still do, and after watching the film I really want to play again. Sadly I no longer have horse, so that does make things a little tricky!
The costumes in the film are excellent. The Drover (Hugh Jackman) is fitted out in R.M. Williams outback gear (the outback fitter of Australia). My riding boots are R.M.Williams too, and are so well made, I think they will outlast me!
I would love to do a Drove. The old way, horses and a team of men driving stock for miles and miles. Alas, Droving barely happens any more, and when it does it is from the comfort of a quad bike and a caravan. No longer just man and horse. Plus I live in London. Not much scope for Droving here!
Ah well a girl can dream.
If you want to see what Polocrosse really looks like, the clip below is a good insight. Or if you want to watch a match follow this link. I used to play against many of the UK riders in this match.

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