Hopeless Romantic

I’m all on my own and feeling a little miserable. Ian is away with work in the Middle East. He has been away on a ‘one week on, one week off’ system for the last six weeks and is currently away for the next 12 days. We deeply hope that he will fly back to the UK on the 1st of August, not least because I miss him dreadfully, but because it is my scary 3-0 Birthday on the 4th; but nothing is certain and he may have to stay longer.

So I am doing what every self respecting girl on her own does in this situation. Drink tea and watch films in my pjs on the settee.
So far I have watched:
Fun, diverting, delicious Hugh Jackman. (Though have just discovered that in England it is called Animal Attraction…how odd is that? I rented it through iTunes, hence the American title I guess.)
Good, amazing cinematography, diverting story, really delicious Hugh Jackman.
We’re huge fans of NCIS and were a little naughty and bought the first four seasons on DVD which we have slowly been working our way through, few episodes at a time, but I walloped through series 4 in no time!
I was feeling a little cultural. I have the soundtrack (which is unbelievable) on my iPod, but I lent that to Ian loaded with audio books to keep him happy on the very long flight. So without being able to listen to it, what’s better than a little Ken Branagh strutting his stuff in Shakespeare’s best play?
Can you recommend any others? I quiet fancy a good bit of romance with some action too, but that is often tricky to find. Typical.
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4 Responses to Hopeless Romantic

  1. darah says:

    ooh I could go for some good movie watching right now! I'm excited we're matched up for the swap. I'm spending too much time thinking about what should go in your package! I hope the next bit of time before Ian comes home goes quickly and he can join you for the big day – it is pretty momentous 🙂

  2. Fingers crossed your Mister is back for your birthday. I watched the film 27 Dresses the other night. Typical chick flick but enjoyable.

  3. Philippa says:

    I actually looked at that as a potential to rent. I'm taking the chance to watch as many chick flicks as possible!

  4. fingers crossed he gets home!!!
    hhmmm films….. marley and me is a bit of a weepie – all the films i watch seem to be chosen by the children so may try the ones you have mentioned!
    lesley x

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