Oh hurrah!

At last.

I travel from Kings Cross, London to Darlington at least once every two months. I used to really love this journey. The train line was operated by GNER and somehow they managed to retain an element of 1940’s grandeur about travel. On the very odd occasion I would splash out and travel first class, but more often than note I would travel standard class.

But here is the trick.

As soon as we would pull out of Kings Cross I would scurry up to the restaurant car and have a meal. I would be just finishing supper as we pulled into York, which gave me about half an hour to sort myself out before we pulled into Darlington.

Supper on the train wasn’t cheap, but as an occasional treat I was happy to pay. Plus you got comfy seats and a great view.

Then GNER went under as a result of the plight of their parent company SeaContainers.

The franchise was bought by National Express and the tolling of a depth knell could be heard. Ticket prices went up, staff numbers on trains reduced, platform barriers went up, sense of humours were lost and finally, the restaurant cars were closed.

It was just awful.

I hated that I hated travelling by train.

It made me so annoyed. I love train travel. I’m not a train spotter, but I do love the experience of train travel (especially sleeper trains). So when I heard on Radio 4 this morning that National Express had lost their franchise and that the government was stepping in to run the line until a buyer can be found I did a little happy dance in the bathroom (we have a radio in there).

I so hope that who ever buys the line will bring it back into shape.


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