Where were you when you heard?

It will be one of those moments. You know, Where were you when you heard that a)Elvis, b)Diana died or c) the planes hitting the twin towers?

In my case:

a) Not born,
b) In bed woken by my Mum before I went to work as a waitress in a local pub and,
c) In a chemistry lab at Durham University.

So last night we were just getting into bed listening to Janice Long on the radio when the news broke. I regret to say that my instant reaction was ‘He’s done it for tax / contractual purposes’ al la Hotblack Desiato.

Michael Jackson was it has to be agreed a rather odd chap, but he did write and perform some brilliant tunes in his time. I hope that where ever he is, he is at least comfy.

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3 Responses to Where were you when you heard?

  1. Jenny says:

    a) just moved into our first house on Teesside
    b) staying with my brother in Yorkshire but living in Scotland
    c) at work in Edinburgh, we watched in disbelief the news on the internet

    Michael Jackson was a brilliant showman and I feel somehow the world let him down. He was obviously exploited from an early age, never had the chance to be a child and never grew up. Tonight Radio 4 played a selection of his amazing music, his songs have been in my head all day.

  2. dottycookie says:

    1. On holiday with my parents – I was too little to know much about him but I do remember it being in the news.

    2. Driving a pickup in upstate NY.

    3. At work in Cambridge, madly hitting reload on any news website we could get a response from.

    I was just on my way to bed when the news started to break. I can't claim ever to have been a Michael Jackson fan, but he certainly was a very talented musician, and his music does form part of the soundtrack to all our lives. Very sad.

  3. Liz says:

    a) Not a clue
    b) At home having just switched on the news
    c) At work in a busy social services department

    I was in a hotel in Leicester when I heard about MJ.

    I also remember where I was when I heard about the Dunblane primary school massacre – in the car, driving round a roundabout when the breaking news came on Radio 4. I had to pull over.

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