I’m not a tennis fan. When I was at school I actually took PE for both my GCSEs and my A levels. At the time I was thinking about becoming a Physiotherapist, and PE provided all the physiology that Biology missed out.

As part of the exams we were examine on 5 out of 6 sports. I chose to do Hockey, Swimming, Basketball, Athletics, and Badminton. I had also been doing tennis, but I was hopeless at it. I excelled at school girl tennis. The game where you hit the ball once and spend half an hour looking for it (which incidentally I always thought would make an excellent game for the PlayStation, imagine the adventures in retrieving that ball!). I was so shocking that my trainer suggested I wasn’t examined in it at all, and in fact why didn’t I use the time set for tennis to go running.
So you can see why Wimbledon, that most English of events, really doesn’t hold my interest. This morning though I saw this on the BBC website. The clip will only work in the UK I’m afraid.
I did feel sorry for the ball girl who was well and truly squished, and I don’t recognised the tennis player who carried on the match with all the ball boys and girls. But I was very impressed. He will have made their day I’m sure!

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