Am I just mean?

For those of you not in the know, those of you who have real lives, ones not dominated by fixture lists and leagues, Newcastle United had a pretty rubbish year.  So rotten that they are now in an entierly different league to the one that they started out in back in September 2008.

I only know this because my husband is a staunch supporter.  I did know this before I married him, so I only have myself to blame.

We are house sitting for my parents in early July for a week and I am keen to ‘do’ as much as possible whilst we are at home.  Meeting up with friends, going to watch open air shakespeare performed by our old theatre group in the grounds of the Bowes Museum (the theatre group that we met through and fell in love).  Finally visit Alnwick Gardens (why did we never do this before we left?) go to the wonderful Barter Books.  And perhaps, just perhaps, go and see You Really Couldn’t Make it Up.

The Live Theatre website discribes it as:

 Where did it all go wrong?  What does the future hold for Newcastle United? And, do Newcastle’s long-suffering fans deserve all this? 
After 16 seasons in top flight football Newcastle United fans are beginning to come to terms with life in the Championship.  With Big Al locked in talks over his future at the club, which now looks likely to be decided by a group of bankers and accountants, and Mike Ashley entering cut-price takeover negotiations with foreign investors, Newcastle United’s final season in the Premiership has been disastrous.

Yet through it all the fans have kept the faith, despite the constant failure of the club to consult them or even explain what’s going on, and are now clinging on to the hope that the club’s latest messiah, Alan Shearer, will sign a new contract and be provided with a substantial enough transfer fund to make a return to the premiership in 2010 a certainty.

Capturing the extraordinary developments of the season have been local father and son team Michael Chaplin (creator of Grafters and Monarch of the Glen) and Tom Chaplin (who has written for Doctors and Eastenders).  The writers, who are themselves season ticket holders, were commissioned by Live Theatre to interview a wide range of fans, journalists, sports commentators and former shareholders.  This material was then used to create a play that chronicled the dramatic events of the first 6 months of the 2008/09 season.

It sounds too interesting to miss…or am I just mean?


4 thoughts on “Am I just mean?”

  1. Well, given that I live with a life long supporter of that other north eastern team who were relegated this season, I think I understand! We've also booked to see an outdoor production of Shakespeare (Taming of the Shrew)- living parallel lives or what?!!

  2. How funny! I read about your trip to Helmsley, I've only ever been there to berate farmers about Sheep Dip disposal (oh those were the days) and never actually visited the town 'properly' perhaps we should on our weeks holiday?

  3. Bad time for north east fotter teams, Mr FF supports the Boro (when not supporting Lazio) so its grim at our house too. The play does sound interesting but hardly likely to take ones mind off events is it.

  4. When I mentioned to the husband that you too were suffering as I was regarding the football he took to the computer to watch goals of glory on YouTube…there really is no escape!

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