Happiest sight in London.

This morning on my horrid drive to work, I saw perhaps the happiest sight that I have ever seen in London since I moved here.

Whilst I sat in traffic creeping towards to Blackwall Tunnel a couple of balloons bounced over the armco barrier, bumped onto the bonnet of my car and floated off again. I looked around but couldn’t work out where it could have come from. It wasn’t particularly windy, though the balloons were being buffeted around by the slip streams of the south bound traffic.

Then around the bend they came, one after the next in convoy.

Black cab covered in balloons! It was just wonderful. I sat in my little car with such a huge smile on my face.

I got to work and set about googleing, and I found this: the Albany Taxi Charitable Fund.

“The Albany now takes more than 500 Special Needs Children in over 200 Licensed taxis to Three major venues as well as Thorpe Park, Chessington and visits to Pantomimes.” Setting off from Charlton Athletic Football Ground “The Valley” the convoy heads off to the seaside. Which was why I saw them today. Off to Margate for sea, sun and Ice cream.

I do hope that the weather held for them!


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