Farewell Birdsong

Birdsong is to be taken off the air. It really is a tragedy. If you haven’t heard it, do try today if you are near a DAB radio, it may be your last chance. The twenty minuet loop of dawn chorus was recorded over 20 years ago, and has been used on and off for the last few years as a filler for empty digital radio channels.

It found popularity a few years ago when it filled in for a time on a blank channel, and when removed (presumably for a new station to broadcast) there was up roar. So Birdsong founds its own station, and has been listened too and enjoyed by many. I’ve even tried guerrilla tactics to get more listeners.

This morning I read on the BBC news website, that the station is to be taken off the air and replaced with a ‘progressive and experimental listener content radio’ doubt I’ll be listening to that then!

It seems that the broadcast will carry on over the internet via Birdsong Radio Online, but it is the principle really which has made me feel so petulant. It is so very rare to find something so very lovely, gentle and genuine. Even Radio 4 is slipping. I was horrified when Sandi Toksvig swore on the News Quiz on Saturday lunchtime.

Perhaps I am just a prude.

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