Busy busy

Ok, so I had a few days off this week. Ian unfortunately had to work, but that did mean I was free to do what ever I wanted too.

So what did I chose to do? I decorated the kitchen. 
Sensible me, chose two of the warmest days, to paint our very sunny kitchen chalk white. I felt like I was trapped in a very warm white box. But it does look so good. I’m really very please indeed.
So to spruce it up a little I have made a new pin board for the endless scraps of paper that we have floating around. Is it just us, or does every one have piles of slips of paper on every conceivable surface?

I took one bargain (£1.50) cork board from the evil Tesco’s. One length off cool seventies-ish fabric from the stash (which I got from this fantastic farbic store) and one kitchen knife.

I cut the fabric just a touch larger than the inner cork and gently eased it under the wooden frame.  Now glue or sewing required.

I was planning to paint the wooden frame Pointing by Farrow and Ball (all our ceilings, wood work and radiators are Pointing through out the house … at least they are where I have decorated.)  I’m not sure at the moment.  I kinda like the wood as it is, but it is very pale pine and the kitchen is a darkish cherry wood colour.  Not sure.
What do you think?

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