Wow – so where did the first 15 days of the month go?

I’ve been crazy busy at work. Buzzing all over the country, something which continues next week as I head to Brum for three days.

Ian has been even busier, so we have rather been like ships passing in the night leaving messages for each other on scraps of paper.

This morning I dropped him off at City Airport so he can jet of into Europe for a two day meeting. Who has meetings on a Saturday for goodness sake?

I have just stood at my office window and watched his plane take off, which was a very peculiar sensation. I watch the planes take off and land all day at City, (my office view now looks over the Thames Barrier and the O2 rather than this). But this is the first time that I have actually known who was sat on it looking back at me.

He’ll be back before I know it, and I’ll have an empty house this evening, so I can finally get back to finishing building up my quilt, and perhaps even settle down to sewing the back on.

Who knows?

And on a totally unrelated point, isn’t this one of the most beautiful photographs you have seen? Didn’t want to copy it here as I’m sure it is copyrighted, but wanted to point you towards it. It is just so stunning.


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