First job
Waitress at The Old Well pub in Barnard Castle, back in the days when it was reviewd favourably by the Times, before it became the dull and lifeless cloned pub that it is now.

First Real Job
Environmental Sciences Researcher at the University of Central Lancashire

First Car
B Reg Metalic Green Mini lovingly call the ‘The Beast’

First Record
First record given to me, Captain Beaky and his Band. First bought, August and Everything After – Counting Crows. I still have them both.

First Football Match
First and only I am proud to say. Brentford v Preston North End. My Dad is a life long Brentford fan (for those interested, they have apparently just been promoted…) I can’t remember the score.

First Concert
Tom Paxton at the Queens Hall in Hexham with my parents, it really was brilliant too.

First Country Visited
Netherlands when I was seven. I was terrified of falling overboard the ferry. Crazy for someone who now sails racing yachts!

First TV Appearance
Highway, singing in the school choir with Harry Secombe.

First Encounter with a Famous Person
Roy Castle, on Record Breakers. My Dad was the mechanic for a record attempt with a replica of La Jamais Contente, the first car to reach over 100mph. Filmed at Elvington Airfield, York. I remember being extremely board.

First Brush With Death
I’m sure I had many when I was smaller, every day risk when you spend as much time around horses as I did. But the occasion I remember the most (and still occasionally gives me nightmares) was in val d’isere France. We had been snowboarding until the weather came down so low that we simply couldn’t see to board down the mountain. We decided to hike back up and catch the lift back down. As I trudged up I lost my footing and fell face flat. I started to slide rapidly down the slope, with nothing to grab onto. Thankfully a friend caught my backpack loop as I slithered past. I have now lost touch with him, but still thank my lucky stars that he was there. I haven’t skied or Snowboarded since. Doubt I ever will.

First House/Flat Owned
A 200 year old cottage in Gainford, County Durham. I miss it terribly.

First Film Seen at a Cinema
A herbie film. Can’t remember which one.

First Time on the Radio
Don’t think I have ever actually been on the radio, but I have spent a lot of time in Radio 4 galleries as programmes have been recorded when I was an advisor.

First Politician I Met
Derek Foster MP when I was at school

First Book I Remember Reading
An A-Z of Cats. A beautifully illustrated book , with great rhymes that went with each letter. Admittedly, I doubt I actually ever read it, for the first few years at least, but I loved the pictures.

First Visit to the London
When I was a baby, probably months old, to visit my grandparents.

First alcoholic drink?
I’m sure I had sips of wine with my parents, but the first drink I ordered in a bar was an Orange and Vodka. It was horrid.

First Plane flight?
From Newcastle to Oslo on the sadly departed Danair.

Play along if you fancy.

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One Response to Firsts

  1. green ink says:

    My first car was called “The Beast” too! It was a 1985 Nissan Bluebird.

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