I have a rather horrid number birthday looming on the horizon (ok, it isn’t until August – but its there, lurking, I can see it…) and knowing that it is coming has recently made me start thinking, have I changed much in the last 10 years? Where did I think I would be in my, ehm, year?

Well I don’t think that I would have imagined that I would be married and living in London, that is for sure. Ten years ago I would have been in the process of finalising my dissertation on the Social and Environmental Legacy of Lead Mining within Upper Teesdale. Having some of the best fun I think I have ever had (not on the dissertation, but at University) and generally being happy go lucky.

I certainly have achieved one thing. The organisation I currently work for was formed in 1996, the year before I went to University and it became my aim to get a position with them on graduation. As all graduates do, I found that they wouldn’t employ me with out experience, but I couldn’t get a job with them in order to gain that experience. Catch-22.

I zigged and zagged for a few years through some interesting jobs before finally, seven years ago, I was offered a job with them. A lowly job full of excitement, an awful lot of mud, sewage and pollution. I loved it. I charged around the local countryside from farms to sewage works to car accidents to scrap yards to the north sea. After a few years, I still loved the charging around and the people I was talking to, but I soon realised that though the people were different, the conversation was the same. So, though with the same organisation, I changed jobs a few times. Worked for our head office on everything from Agricultural to Flood Risk Management. Then, in a fit of delusionment, I apply to become researchers / advisor / gofor to the Chief Executive, and blow me I got the job.

So that is how I ended up down here in London. I worked for the CEO for just over 2 years, till she herself moved on to a different organisation, and I took the chance to take a slightly less manic role in the organisation.

It is safe to say that ten years ago, I would never have dreamt that I would have work where I have, met the people I have, written the work I have, heck, I certainly never thought I would have written any speeches in the first place.

Though I do regret not having travelled like many of the university friends have. I have had my adventures, don’t get me wrong. But I never did any of the ‘gap year’ stuff that many friends did.

The strangest thing is, ten years ago I knew Ian. We were friends in our local theatre company. But here is the secret, I’m a little older that Ian. In fact, he is rather my toy boy. Ten years ago, he was cute, gangly and extreamly shy. He started university, the year that I graduated. That would kind of give you an idea of what I am talking about. So being married wasn’t on my radar, and to Ian?! Never in a million years. Yet here we are. Extreamly happy.

Funny how things work out isn’t it?


One thought on “Reflecting”

  1. Love this post. I think it’s good to look back every now and again. (Problem is, when you get to be as ancient as me, there’s rather a long way to look back!). Enjoy your weekend.

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