Last week.

This is a cheat post really. One long week round up. Considering it was only actually a four day week we seemed to pack in rather a great deal.

Easter was lovely. For once we put our foot down and chose to stay in London rather than travel up north to visit parents. Thankfully Ian actually had all four days of Easter off. There were some tense moments of breath holding on my part as it really did look like he would be called into work at least part of it, but thankfully no.

We had ear marked the weekend as ‘do the garden’ weekend. We moved into our little house over a year ago, and really hadn’t done anything with the gardens at all. We have both a small front garden and a postage stamp size rear garden. Both are laid to lawn, which I think is the original lawn that the builders laid when our house was built. Last year was too manic with work and wedding planning, that all we ever did was strim it back. So I was keen to really get stuck in. Small exploration had shown that we are on clay, so much clay in fact that after a mornings worth of digging, I was all for giving up the idea of gardening, in favour of opening up our own pottery. There is actually a pottery down the road, and I am now inclined to ask if they use their own clay.

Any hoo we persevered, and were finally awarded with two lovely raise beds (photos to follow…I’m naughtily posting from work…sush!).

Ian hasn’t ever gardened before and is full of childlike enthusiasm which is just wonderful. He really wants to grow everything, I’m game, well see what we get.

We have put some Spring Onions directly into the beds, and our tiny green house (read set of shelves covered in plastic sheeting) is full of paper pots of seeds waiting to burst forth. So far we have sewn Squash, Chillies, Courgettes, Runner Beans, Sweet Corn, Rocket and have tomatoes, spinach, chard and a whole bunch more waiting to sew direct into the ground. I have no idea if we have the room, or if any of it will work, but we had fun playing in the mud and that is what gardening is all about as far as I am concerned.

By Easter Monday our arms were like jelly from so much digging, so we headed out for the day to Broadstairs on the South Coast. Sadly the weather wasn’t great and the low sea fret didn’t lift at all, so no photographs, there really wasn’t anything to see. Frustratingly it seems that London had wonderful weather that day, unless all our friends have simply banded together with the same story…

Tuesday we had not go back to work (boo hiss) but Tuesday night we had a real treat, at the Royal Albert Hall no less!

The London Philharmonic Orchestra and full 200 voice choir provided the live sound track to the HD film Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring.

It was incredible.

When we go to the Albert Hall we always get tickets in the gallery. We can’t afford anywhere else, but the gallery is great. Right up in the roof, there are no chairs at all, just the marble floor and the iron balustrade to stop you tipping over the edge.

Sorry about the quality of the photographs, I took them using my mobile phone… some days I wonder why we have a super duper snazzy little camera, I never remember to take it with me.

Technically the tickets are ‘standing’ but we always camp out on the floor. I wanted to get a good position so went early, with Ian meeting me there a little later on. To my surprise when I got to the hall a steward asked me if I was there fore the pres show talk? So I found myself unexpectedly listening to a talk by Howard Shore the composer! How cool is that!

The performance was just fab, but in an odd way a little surreal too. The film is just so gripping and the orchestra so perfect, that I found myself being drawn into the film and forgetting that all the music was live. I kept trying to make myself watch the orchestra rather than the film, a tricky task, particularly when I spend so much time trying to spot all the places we saw in New Zealand (you trip over in New Zealand and find yourself at a LotR film location).

I can’t remember what I did on Wednesday, laundry I think, but it certainly wasn’t as much fun as the Easter weekend. Sadly the weekend just past was a bit of a wipe out as Ian did have to work, still it gave me time to finish of a skirt and a pair of PJ trousers that I have had pinned together for eons. I’ll show you those later in the week.


2 thoughts on “Last week.”

  1. Sounds like you packed a lot into the week! Good luck with the garden – our little paper pots are starting to show signs of seed growth when I had all but given up hope. Nature is pretty amazing!

  2. Good heavens, I’m exhausted just reading this post! I’m avoiding our garden at the moment. It’s been sadly neglected (for very good reasons, I hasten to add) and will need tackling. Just not yet!

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