I’m continually amazed by America. I really am. In fact I feel quiet ashamed by my previous rotten behaviour. Like any good Anglo Saxon, I wandered around with the thought in my head that I had seen all I needed to of America by watching tv, and that really what I saw didn’t make me want to visit at all.

Programmes like the shockingly watchable, Extreme Home Makeover, show very worthy families who need a little help with their diy. More often than not, the house is demolished and a new one rebuilt. Now what amazes me is that the programme presenter nine times out of ten says ‘…not only did this family live through hell before we got to them….their house was tiny…only 30,000 square feet….’

And that is what I just can’t get my head around. 30,000 square feet, it sounds huge, but I can’t really begin to think what that looks like. In England, we don’t really talk about houses in terms of square footage, but more along the lines of ‘1930’s semi or Victorian Terrace’ and people pretty much know what you mean.

It is true what they say, we are two nations divided by one language.

So getting to the point… last night we saw the very last instalment of Yellowstone on BBC2. How amazing. The narration was a little alarming, rather dumbed down and sensationalist, if it is possible to be the two, at the same time. But the cinematography – wow. It was indescribably beautiful. I think we are going to hunt out the previous two episodes on iPlayer to watch tonight.

The long and short of it. We went to bed with the atlas, trying to work out a route which would take in both California (Ian wants to visit the wine growing areas) and the Rockies. It may be a pipe dream, but I think America is our next destination.


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