To Cambridge

We are off to Cambridge this weekend for Ian’s Masters graduation. 

This has been a bone of some contention in this house over recent weeks.  

A Cambridge Graduand automatically receives an MA five years after his or her matriculation (enrollment) and subsequent graduation at undergrad level.

So basically it is a free degree.  Now I know quiet how hard Ian worked for his degree, I helped him revise and in the process learnt far more than any (then) girlfriend should know about banking law.

But the whole MA thing makes me feel both uncomfortable and extremely jealous.  I went to university and earned my degree too.  I went to what is called a ‘new’ university, and ex poly, but one with an exceptional department in Earth Sciences.  Something which the red brick universities didn’t have.  

I also knew, to quote my mother ‘…you have enough problems with figures of authority that we didn’t think it a good idea…’  admittedly that was my mum talking about why she didn’t make me join brownies, but I think it applied in this situation too.

I wouldn’t have done well at a Red Brick institution at all.  I would have riled quicker and far harder than I did at my university, pushing against all forms of ‘institution’.

So I am being a good wife, I have a new frock, I’ll hold my tounge and I will be proud of him.  He did work hard and continues to do so.  

I just wish I wasn’t quiet so jealous.

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One Response to To Cambridge

  1. Amy says:

    Congrats to Ian! Does he need something as a treat from the Music City of Nashville?! There is a fine line at times between being proud of someone and being jealous of them……:)Hope married life is being blissful to both of you….Your friend across the pond,Amy

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