What I did at school

Well it has been a rather exciting week this week.

On Monday – I went to work {ok, nothing too exciting there}
On Tuesday – I went to work {but in a different office and bumped in to a great friend who I thought was still on his very long extended holidays in Australia}
On Wednesday – I went horse riding {for the first time in nine years} and went to the Country Living Spring Fair
On Thursday – I went on an Away Day with work {to 
Tillbury, Canvey Island and Southend}
On Friday – I woke up to the most wonderful sea view in Southend {it really isn’t as awful as  everyone had convinced me it would be}
My job involves me working on projects specifically with in the Thames Gateway.  The Gateway is as you can imagine, the land running ether side of the River Thames, from Canary Wharf down to the North Sea.  Our Away Day took us on site visits to some of the contentious / interesting sites which we may not have previously been too. 
As a Northerner I hadn’t been to any of the sites at all, so found it all really interesting. Especially Southend  my colleagues had been convincing me that it was the South’s equivalent of Blackpool (which, although very British, is awful).  
I’m happy to report that Southend, really isn’t that bad.  It is going to have to work a great deal harder if it wants to be as tacky as Blackpool.  
So this morning I took a constitutional stroll along the beach before my breakfast and for once remembered my camera.

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