New toy

I have been harping on long enough that our computer was on its last little legs, and that eventually we would do something about it.  

Well hallelujah!
We have a shiny new iMac.  
I really am so very excited about this.  Only small problem is this is the very first Mac that either f us have owned, so it is a little like learning a brand new language, exciting, but has had the odd moment.  Like when we unwrapped it and plugged it in, both of us stood admiring it and feeling a little flush and breathless after spending quiet that much money.  When we turned to each other and said…”so how exactly do you turn this thing on then…?”
It has been a long and slow weekend, but I am managing to post this, so things must be on the up!  (But I can’t work out how to get photos off my camera so a shiny photograph of it will just have to follow….) 

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