Unfortunately, Philippa ….

This is most diverting…. I read about “Unfortunatly, …” from Jenny.

Here’s how to play… just do a Google search of the phrase “unfortunately, _______” but put your first name in the blank (be sure to enclose it all in quotation marks).

The results are really rather…well diverting!

Unfortunately, Philippa is so sensitive to the slightest insult that she will likely wear out reader sympathy

Unfortunately, Philippa’s reply displays a remarkable level of naivety.

Unfortunately, Philippa at last had an idea which led to the overthrow of this pleasant state of things.

Unfortunately, Philippa retired from skiing before she could be captured on camera

Unfortunately Philippa’s toad died and that plan was never put into action

Unfortunately Philippa fell next, taking all three outlaws out of the game

Unfortunately Philippa isn’t following Alisoun everywhere, for half the village has been complaining

Unfortunately Philippa missed out on the toast she hoped to have because of that.

Unfortunately, Philippa was clearly exhausted and riding off into the forest at night was much too dangerous.

Ahh the joys of Google!


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