Look but don’t touch…..

…that is what my Mum used to say to me when ever we went shopping when I was small.

This evening I popped to John Lewis at Bluewater to buy us a new little point and shoot camera. I have a very wonderful but rather large Fuji S6500fd, which isn’t exactly discreet.

So with the gift vouchers we were given as gifts for our wedding (thank you very much to both our employers!) we decided to buy something sensible, worth while and something that really we wouldn’t have bought otherwise.

So welcome to the family the Fuji Finepix J10!

I also took the chance to look at DAB Radios to see if any were able to ‘dock’ ipods. We really want a new radio in the bedroom, but would like it to work with my ipod. We listen to audio books a great deal, previously on a very cronky tape player, but feel it is time to enter the digital age. Found some that looked interesting, but nothing which blew my socks off.

Ended up entertaining myself by tuning all the DAB radios to the Birdsong Station and then sauntering off leaving the lulling sound of the dawn chorus behind me!

(If you haven’t listened to it before, follow the link and press play, there doesn’t seem to be a method to embed it here.)

Also for those of you who live London way, John Lewis Bluewater now stock Amy Butler fabric. So 2 1/2 meters of Lotus in Slate/Morning Glory later…

I have a new sewing desk you see, once the guest room is uncluttered I can actually work in there rather than in the kitchen/sitting room/bedroom/somewhere with a tiny bit of space…


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