All in a name.

Hope you have found me again.

When I very first started blogging, over three years ago on Live Journal I wanted a blog name which was a little different and I didn’t want people to know who I was.

At the time I was working in government and I wanted a place to splurt out my thoughts on everything with out having to worry about being found out (not that I ever said anything shocking) but if I wanted to rant about the boss I could.

Over time my job changed, as did I.

I became less married to the job. I actually spent time at home rather than 18 out of every 24 hours in the office.

I now can enjoy all the things that I only ever really read about on other blogs whilst reading the Times with the other eye, typing emails and drinking coffee.

I now have me time again.

Like I did before I moved to London.

So though I renamed my blog a few months ago – thanks to the fantastic street name which is only a brisk walk from my front door; I never changed my blog address.

A small change, but to me it means rather a great deal.

Hope you stick with me.


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