Dangerous old ladies

London has Limescale.

Yucky, horrid, lumpy grey limescale. It furs up your kettle, it leaves odd lumpy floating bits in your cup of tea and most horrid of all, it slowly turns your toilet bowl brown.

I’m sorry ladies, a rather nasty topic, but I can’t abide a discoloured toilet bowl. It is the bane of my life. I have used Ecover Toilet cleaner, which did absolutely nothing. I have tried Maison Belle toilet cleaner, which smelled lovely, but didn’t shift the discolouration.

Then on Sunday evening when I was reading Ms Harris’ Book of Green Household Management I stumbled upon the answer.

Citric Acid.

Ms Harris’ recommends using two table spoons of Citric Acid, dropped into the bowl, left over night and then scrub the bowl in the morning. Which was a triumph incidentally, no more horrid brown scale marks.

But be warned, Citric Acid is harder to get hold of them you imagine…

Me:- ‘Please may I have one packet of paracetamols and a packet of citric acid?’

Pharmacist:- ‘Sorry love, but we have no citric acid…’

Me:- ‘oh well…I’ll just have the tablets then.’

Young lady with armfuls of toddlers leaves shop.

Pharmacist:- ‘What did you want the citric acid for anyway?’

Me: – ‘to clean the limescale off my toilet bowl’

Pharmacist : – (whilst looking bemused) ‘So you aren’t going to cut drugs with it then?’

Me: – ‘I’m sorry?!’

Pharmacist:- ‘You know, to make heroin more soluble.’

Me:- ‘Oh, no I didn’t know that. Well no I really do want it to clean my toilet.’

Pharmacist:- ‘Well if you are sure, but most people want it for their drugs.’

Second Pharmacist:- (after popping his head around the store room door) ‘Except for little old ladies, they just want it for lemonade.’

So there you go ladies, cleans toilets and makes drugs more soluble!

Who knew!

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2 Responses to Dangerous old ladies

  1. Amy says:

    Philippa,Here in the states, if you want to buy strong glues, spray paints and certain decongestant meds, they check your driver’s license to see how old you are!Seems that kiddos like to do something called “huffing” with these items as well as others!I just shake and scratch my head when I get “carded” for buying my meds for my head cold!

  2. Liz says:

    Now that’s what I call multi functional!

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