Ms Harris’s Green Household

I know I promised more wedding pictures, but we are having one or two technical issues here (our computer has developed an odd ticking sound and won’t allow me to upload any data to it…) , so I’m afraid you’ll have to wait that little bit longer.

In the midst of all the things that we really should have been doing (washing, unpacking, writing thank you notes..) Ian and I scampered away for a day out. We headed of in to foggy Kent for an adventure. When the fog became too thick and my tummy too hungry we called in to Whitstable for much needed sustenance.

Whilst there we simply couldn’t pass the wondrous Harbour Books without our poking our noses in, and I am so thrilled that we did. I have some new bedtime reading!

Ms Harris’s Green Household as her blog header reads is ‘trying to be an eco Mrs Beeton for the climate changing 21st century’ and to be totally honest, I think this is what she has achieved.

Quiet a lot of the eco cleaning I already do. I either use ecover eco squirt on the really super tough icky stuff or a vinger, water and tea tree mix. We already have a green electricity account, and well I think I do my bit though work.

I do know that I am naughty about my car. I love my car, I come from a very car orientated family (my Dad is a master craftsman and restores vintage and classic cars) I would be lost with out my car. So that is something we really must work on. In my defence I do take a bus and the DLR to get to work and back every day. We only use the car for adventures (day trips) or big shops.

It was interesting to read Ms Harris’s thoughts and experiences on the great disposable v’s washable nappy debate. We don’t have children, so I can’t add my experiences to this, but right now I would hope that should we have children we would have a go with washable nappies, after all I wore them when I was a babe and my Mum seemed to cope. Still it was refreshing to see someone say ‘hands up, we tried and it wasn’t for us’.

I have a few more chapters to read, but I do think that this book will become a firm bedside favourite for me.


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