No time to bake!

This was sent to me in a promotional email for my favourite face products Dr Hauschka. I’m not going to have a chance to try it out this side of Christmas as tomorrow we leave for the north and won’t be back here until after our Honeymoon!

I think we will be taking the longest detour to get back to London.

Teesdale to London via New Zealand!

We’re not packed at all and the house still looks like it has exploded, I’m at work (I would have really felt bad if I hadn’t made it in today and worked from home) and I have about a billion things that I feel I should really be doing.

I keep telling myself, as long as I have my tickets, Passport, toothbrush and clean knickers everything will be alright!


One thought on “No time to bake!”

  1. It all sounds so exciting. And Christmas is in there somewhere! Wishing you a very happy wedding day and a wonderful trip to the other side of the world. We expect to see LOTS of photographs on your blog!

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