Only 9 sleeps to go…

Today’s post is brought to you by Papura tissues, Beechams All in One and Olbas Oil.

Sorry I have been absent ladies, but I have been struck down my the cold of colds. Some how it krept up on me with out me noticing then on Saturday afternoon BAM!

I was a walking talking snot machine. Sorry to be graphic, but you can’t quite imagine how shocking it was.

All I could think off was ‘no! I’m getting married…and my nose is so red!’ Ok, so not very deep, but honestly, I just couldn’t see a time when I wouldn’t be continuously blowing my nose.

I’m glad to say that I am on the mend, and though I still have a rotten cough, the worst has definitely passed.

Plans are starting to swing back into action, lists are being drawn up like no tomorrow, and in the background I am quietly trying to work out how to pack three weeks of clothes for Honeymoon, clothes for our week at home and get some pieces of work finished for submission on Friday.

And in the middle of this the house seems to have exploded… there isn’t a room which isn’t in a state.

I’m just not sure where to begin!


2 thoughts on “Only 9 sleeps to go…”

  1. Tempus fugit, as they say, though I’m sure it will all work out beautifully. I love the idea of winter weddings especially if there’s a sprinkling of snow. And, looking out of the window, I would think there’s a real possibility of that for yours.

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