Yappy and proud!

I’ve been thinking about what to say here. My weekend was planned with all best intentions, but unfortunately didn’t quiet turn out so fun. So I’m just going to gloss over it if you don’t mind.

Sorry to be boring.

Any hoo…have you seen the papers?

I’m officially a Yappy! After reading the page in the London Paper (above) I found that Capital Radio had the following quiz and although I haven’t scored on all, I’m certainly on the way. How about you?

You don’t leave the house without your push-along shopping trolley.

Ok – I don’t have a trolley any more, I gave it to a charity shop when we moved house as I didn’t have any where to ‘park’it. I do however use my Grandmas whicker basket for shopping (and you would be amazed by the number of compliments I get on it!).

You have arguments with your friends about how much something on Antiques Roadshow is going to be valued at.

I don’t argue persay, but I do like to watch occasionally over a good hot cuppa.

You daydream about tucking into a delicious Fray Bentos pie at the end of the day.

Or Strom Pies as we used to call them when I sailed on the James Cook. My Favorite is Mince and Onion served with Mash Potatoes, you just can’t beat it.

You spend your time fantasising about what you’d spend your winter fuel allowance on – a new pair of slippers perhaps or maybe a blanket for your dog.

If only we did get a winter fuel allowance…but I do want some new slippers.

You head home early from the pub, not to watch the match but to watch Strictly Come Dancing.

Can you blame me? The dresses are so pretty!

You’ve swapped Marlboroughs for pipe smoking.

Well I don’t smoke so I guess I’ll pass on this one.

You’ve swapped sexy underwear for something a lot more substantial from the Damart catalogue.

Thermal can be sexy too – honest!

Bovril is your hot drink of choice.

I personally prefer Marigold Swiss Vegetable Bullion, but its fairly similar to Bovril.

You get your mates together for a nice game of bowls.

Its Boules if you must know ok!?

Your main source of news is The Chap .

And rightly so! The best place to read the chap is over a cup of tea and toast in You Don’t Bring Me Flowers.


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