Always the last to know

Think I am going to need a little more time to work on my prose Liz, so do forgive!

I’m always last on the bandwagon.

Cool things happen around me and I only notice the fuss as it bustles out of town. Occasionally, extremely occasionally I am there before the fuss which is very exciting and makes me feel like one of the cool kids. This doesn’t happen very often.

So here’s to jumping on board late.

I just can’t read these books fast enough.

I’ve noticed them mentioned around blogland (here, here amongst others) but really hadn’t thought much of them at all. Then I went shopping in Tesco’s last week and was idly dawdling through the books when Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse for £4 each so sneakily dropped Twilight and New Moon into the trolley thinking £8 seemed like a good deal and people had seemed to enjoy them.

Foolish, I can’t put them down, I sat up until 2:30am on Saturday morning reading just one more chapter. Suffice to say I was a little bleary when I finally awoke.

The books aren’t great works of literature, but for an entertaining and engaging romp, there’re pretty fun.

Apparently there is a film coming out soon too…how on the ball am I?


One thought on “Always the last to know”

  1. If you were last on the bandwagon, I was second from last. Totally agree with what you say about the series and will definitely go to see the film when it comes out.

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