Birthday trip

Ian’s Dad turns 60 on Monday.

So we are going away for the weekend with him to celebrate. He doesn’t know that yet though…
It is all going to hopefully be a big surprise!

Ian’s Mum said to hid Dad ‘Lets go away for your birthday weekend..anywhere you want to go to.’

I don’t think she was expecting the answer of Hull.

So Hull it is. We are booked on to the 19:00 train from Kings Cross and will hopefully make it to the hotel bar for about 22:00 to suprise him.

(Apparently he enjoys watching the boats in the marina. I’m hoping that we will get a chance to visit the Deep, I’ll let you know.)

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One Response to Birthday trip

  1. Liz says:

    I see from the link that you are spending the weekend in “the most poetic city in England”. So I expect nothing less than rhyming couplets in your next post. Prithee.

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