Congratulations America!

…though I do think Obama has a pretty tough ride ahead to clear up the mess good ol’ George has made.

Does make me wonder though, does America get moment by moment up dates during our elections? The BBC has been having a full on ‘love in’ with America, reporting almost every programme (or so it would seem) from over the pond.

Can you see some glossy presenter from Fox News waiting to see the election call in Peterhead or in Halesowen & Rowley Regis?

No?…me either.

I am truly glad that Obama was elected. It is indeed a momentous occasion for America and I do look forward for the political roller coaster which will begin in January. I have spent more than enough time in and around Parliament here in England to appreciate what an exciting time this will be. To run a campaign on a policy which seems to simply be “Change” is brilliant.

Let’s just wait and see what he delivers. Ian Dale has summed up how thing may be for the all important first 100 days of the Obama Presidency over at his Political Blog, if you’re interested it is a very thought provoking read.


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