And breathe out….

Dress fitting went super! I can hardly believe it actually. As a part time crafty type who picks up a needle and thread from time to time I was just so impressed with the seamstress who fitted my dress. I was in and out in about half an hour, but I didn’t feel rush at all.

The skill in which she nipped and pinned was impressive, I guess it should be for someone who does this day in and day out, but she was good! My dress needs rather a lot of taking in, and the hem needed to be raised by about 3 inches.

I was a little alarmed when she took scissors to the very ‘under’ petticoat which has a little netting skirt to it. She explained that when I hold my skirt up to walk, it is easy to hold the fabric and the two netting petticoats, but really tricky to get hold of the very bottom silk petticoat, so by cutting it to ankle hight prevents any accidental stepping on. Makes a great deal of sense, but I was a little alarmed!

The weekend was a whirl wind, but it was so good to be home. You tend to forget what stars look like when you live in London, so being back in Teesdale all be it for a few days was bliss.

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One Response to And breathe out….

  1. Liz says:

    I feel the same way every time the hairdresser wields the scissors!

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