Wedding Make Up – more complicated that you would think!

I am, it would seem, in an eternal twist over make up, and more so now than ever with the looming decision of wedding make up.

I won’t be having a stylist or make up artist on ‘the big day’. I’m going to brave it and do my own make up, so naturally I am trying to practice often, and to be honest I think I am getting there. So in seven weeks time (aggh!) with a few flicks of a brush, I will look just like I have stepped out of a magazine…that is the theory anyway.

In the last few weeks I have been searching for the actual make up itself, and I think I will have probably spent enough on little bits and pieces to try, that I could buy my dress all over again.

I really really don’t like the idea of all the chemicals which are added to makeup, and though I know that our skin is an amazing tool which protects us remarkably well and will prevent many of these substances passing into our systems, I still feel a little freaked out.

But it’s my wedding. I really would like make up which I know will stay and not disappear, and all the bridal magazines which I have read (which is a lot) recommend big names such as MAC or Benefit and their magazines, so they have to be right, right?

So, I have bought eye shadow and tinted moisturiser and brightener from Benefit…then began to think about all the nasty content and promptly eBayed the brightener, I’m about to list the eye shadows too.

Then I read about MACs bridal package. For £50 (which can be used against any purchases you may make) a capable MAC make up girl will sit you down and take you calmly through the colours and styles which will suite you, teaching you how to apply and develop the look you want, as well as giving you a glass of champagne.

Sounds brilliant? Well I was tempted, I really was and had the shockingly rude girl in the Kings Road branch had the space / time/ inclination, I would have no doubt booked myself in and wasted yet more money on make up that I would only end up worrying about.

So thank you rude lady, you saved me that stress.

I ended up walking home last night from work in Canary Wharf through the foot tunnel under the Thames and up into Greenwich, past one of my favourite shops So Organic.

And rather a lot of money later, I had eye shadow (two shades), and concealer by Nevy mascara, and lip gloss both by Lavera, two Lavera Wild Rose Moisturising Masks, and a transparent compact powder by Dr Hauschka. Not an icky freaky product amongst them!

I was served by the most delightful French girl who was such a help, and seemed to be rather excited that I was shopping for my wedding. In the end she gave me a free make up bag, a load of samples, and as I had spent over a significant amount, I also got free hand and body wash.

Job done!

I just need to find a moment to myself to practice.


4 thoughts on “Wedding Make Up – more complicated that you would think!”

  1. Philippa!Looks like you are getting things together!!! Did you get my Bride Compact I sent you? I hope so and I hope it wasn't broken! 😦One of my friends I graduated with from high school is a model who splits her time between Milan and Japan. We all talk on facebook and I am going to put one of her threads on here for you to read. She has GREAT TIPS! 🙂 I am actually toying with an idea of writing a small book with beauty hints that I have learned over the years! I figure why not turn my addiction into something profitable? 🙂 So, see it takes more than you think! I thought I would share this with my peeps…a little prelude. Stay beautiful!Here is a list of the basics I cannot live with out re make-up, thought you might find it fun! take care, have a blessed week.Giorgio Armani Designer Shaping foundationGiorgio Armani Luminous Silk Powder-these are expensive, but worth it, if this is the only thing you invest in, invest in a good foundation.Concealer-surprise! Max FactorErace. I love this, in Beige. It looks dark, but actually works great under eyes. I have tried ALL concealers, and this is just as good if not better.Concealer/spots/broken veins-you need to use a diff one for the face than for the eyes. This skin is diff in both places. The skin around the eyes is thinner and you don't want to pull at it. The is where we age the most, so it needs tlc. The Max Factor, covers well and is creamy, if too thick, mix it with a little foundation or moisterizer. For the face, I love Laura Mercier double sided one. You can play with mixing them. It is very matte, but stays in place. If you really want to go pro buy Shu Uemura's tiny concealer brush to spot treat around the nose, brown spots, acne, etc. Trick* buy Yves St Laurent Touch Eclat. Spot dab in corners of eyes, brow bone, corners of mouth. It is a light reflecting conclear, but I use it as a highlighter. I use #2. All my best make-up artists use this. Ok, I know, these are three concealers. But, you will hardly have to use anything else on your face if you look flawless, if you can afford to buy them and play with them, do, you will see the difference. One all over face color for eyes and cheeks, even to dab on lips. I cannot live without MAC cream colour base in SHELL. It is natural, light reflecting and a universal color that works for everyone. Eyeliner, I think everyone should own MAC in Teddy. It is a sexy brown with light reflectors. Save black for night!Eye lash curler-SHU UEMURA< the best best!Mascera-Helena Rubenstein Lash Queen Feline Blacks, use MAC brush #285 to take out clumps and make super sexy. The same type brush Marilyn Monroe used for her signature eyes. For a pinky/nude lip which I think works great on almost anyone. I am not a fan of strong lips, I think the eyes grab first. Slightly line the lips with MAC lip pencil in Whirl. The key here is too make it look natural and BLEND into the lip, just to enhance the line. Then use, L'oreal #721 in Pinky Beige on the lip. If you want to make it sexier, put a gloss coat of clear over it. I hope you enjoyed this…love to you allxxtiffy

  2. Hi! So Organic sounds so interesting, I must make a visit. I once went to the MAC counter to try and test out their Studio Mac foundation, but also found their assistants very rude, so I have never bought anything from them. Thanks for sharing.Mary

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