New Adventures

Isn’t this basket just darling?

It’s made by an Amish family and sold though

I’m about to embark on one of my more foolish plans. Now I have moved offices, I am within sensible cycling distance of work. I have convinced myself that I will be quicker by my own peddle power than the bus / DLR combo that I currently suffer twice daily, and that the horror of rain and high viz jakets are worth it.

I have dutifully applied for a loan through my company for more cycle safety equipment than I really ever thought existed. I shuffled into the bike shop and meekly explained what I wanted. When the terribly helpful chap behind the counter said: “not a problem, we’ll just work our way down the list. What have you got so far?” Me: “erm….a bike?”

So half an hour later I was clutching a list in my hand of all the safety goodies a girl could ever want. I’m just waiting for my loan voucher to arrive and then the lovely man will kit out my bike for me.

Sadly my bike isn’t a dreamy Parisian patisserie delivery bike, oh no, it’s a sturdy silver mountain bike which is about 10 years old, but if it gets me to work with out me feeling like a teeny tiny anchovy in a huge tin then I’ll be happy!

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