Wedding preparations

This weekend was wonderful, you know one of those unexpected and unplanned weekends which seem fairly blissful?

On Friday evening I received a text message from our friend Kat asking if I needed any help with the bunting for the wedding. I have to confess I have been putting this off for quiet a while. Making bunting is by no means complicated or tricky, but I have about 100 meters to make, and that in itself seems pretty daunting. But with an extremely willing volunteer on hand it seemed like an ideal plan for the weekend.

So Saturday afternoon was spent with Kat cutting, me ironing, pinning and stitching and Ian keeping a steady supply of tea, coffee and cake in a very manly fashion!

By 6 o’clock Saturday evening we had whipped up a a very satisfying 40 meters. So to celebrate we tromped off to Blackheath for a very lovely supper at iL Bertorelli’s, in shocking weather (I know it is Autumn, but really! Such awful weather is a little of a shock to the system)

Kat, bless her, clearly glutton for punishment came back on Sunday afternoon and bravely sat though the last half hour of Down with Love, which is a wonderfully cheesy film and just perfect for a wet Sunday afternoon. Again cut and cut and cut so much so that we think we have enough triangles to make the final 25 meters of bunting. Unfortunately I made a slight error when I last stocked up on bias binding and bought the wrong size. I had been using the 38mm wide, but mistakenly bought 25.5 mm wide, which is just a little too narrow. I bulk bought the binding when I was last at home, so Ian’s Mum has been dispatched to buy some more and post it down to us, to make sure we have the same colour.

I’ll post a photo tonight, my camera battery is on charge at the moment, I never remember to charge in advance, why is that?

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One Response to Wedding preparations

  1. Amy says:

    Ian is a good boy to wait on the girls!!!! 🙂I always keep 2 camera batteries, one on hand for when that kind of thing happens! You just have what I call “BRIDE BRAIN” right now! 🙂

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