Green washing?

I’m in the middle of a huge washing powder dilemma.
Sounds odd I know, but the usual, Daz or Persil rely heavily on phosphates, which are generally shocking to the natural environment. I try to avoid these types of products as much as I can.

Historically I have always used Ecover powder a phosphate free prduct and have found it to work pretty well. But over time, it wouldn’t really shift the grimy marks on Ian’s collars and I just felt that the whites weren’t actually white any more. I know that this is because Ecover doesn’t use the optical brighteners which are in most high street brands, and I purposely try to wash white sheets on bright sunny days so that I can use the free natural bleaching effect of the sun, and I’d say it does and ok job.

Then I was swayed, by a product which is semi green… and fatally, currently on offer, and whats more, each pot contains a voucher for 50p off, so , cheaper still. Aquados is an awful lot better then other high street washing powders, but it does contain phosphates. The company claim that this small amount of phosphate is actually used up during the washing process and is necessary.

I have found the Aquados product to clean very well. It smells nice and eight times out of ten cleans Ian’s shirts pretty well.

But should I be using this? Is it quiet green enough? I’m getting in quiet a spin over this.

But then I saw this…

Has Cath come to save the day? Could it really be that simple?

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