boring & unspectacular

Liz tagged me earlier in the week to write “six quirky yet boring, unspectacular details about yourself”. So you can blame her!

1. I can be very particular about the way washing is hung on our whirly gig washing line. It has to be neat and regimented, each sock next to its mate, so when dry they can all be very easily paired up and put away. Towels also HAVE to be folded in a particular way and stacked according to size and colour and placed in the bathroom cupboard with the fold to the front, so you can’t see any ‘towel ends’. Ian thinks its odc. I just think its being neat.

2. I can never ever go to bed with out washing my face. But I can happily get up and go about my day without washing it in the morning if needed.

3. I adore baking. I love the making and mixing and icing and the presentation on a lovely little cake stand. The eating? Take it or leave it.

4. I would be lost with out my diary (calendar rather than journal). I take it every where I would love to say that it is a darling little book from Smythson. Unfortunately it is the corporate diary from Lafarge Aggregates.

5. I like my men scruffy and if possible to be Geologist, Historians or Explores. Like him, him or even him.

6. I can’t knit. I’m sorry, that rather a swear word in the crafting community isn’t it? My Grandma tried endlessly to teach me when I was small, but I think in the end, after she cast on and knitteded a few rows, I muddled around in the middle and then she carefully cast off again I doubt I ever really managed to do more than three rows in the 5inchx5inch dish cloth.

So now I’m meant to tag a few other bloggers, but I know you are all busy folk. So if you have a moment, I tag Amy, Kat, Mary, and Chaya.


3 thoughts on “boring & unspectacular”

  1. Hi P, thanks for the tag, i loved seeing yours on here. i will get my thinking cap on, i am not v good at coming up with these lists!! i have one to do already on my 6 favourite things. i will no doubt tag you back with that one. its a bit like playing at tag in the school playground isnt it, well a grown up version at and sunshine Kat x

  2. Philippa!I took your tag and ran with it, dear!I also posted about your sweet gift; pop over to read and see GiGi’s kiss to you 😉Thanks!!!!!

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