Thank You!


Thanks for the lovely comments and emails.

Its a fab view isn’t it? Truly the best office view in London. Its taken from this building where I have worked for two years right up on the 25th floor. When I first moved here as a real green country girl I just couldn’t believe the view. I used to get horribly distracted in meetings as I gazed out of the window.

Now I’m completely blasé about the view, but I think I am really going to miss it.

I’m going to be working here over in the docklands for three months, perhaps longer. Different view, but can actually see my old building from my new desk.

Any way… just to let you know that now I have gotten over the horridness at work Ian and I have decided that we need a break before we both head back to work (Ian has just finished a very cool secondment for four months with a division of the Legal Services).

So we are packing our bag and are off on a little trip up north, 5 days in Derbyshire and the a weekend back at home in Teesdale and then a week in the Lake District.

I can’t wait!!

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2 Responses to Thank You!

  1. Liz says:

    Enjoy your time away and have a piece of Bakewell tart for me!

  2. What lovely views (your previous post) and congratulations on your secondment. Do you know that you work opposite to where I live. Hee! Hee! If I wave you may be able to see me. :> Have a nice trip!Mary

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