I really don’t normally hold with personality questionnaires, but on the whole I found this one rather interesting. I like Neal’s Yard Remedies, and do from time to time treat myself with them, I haven’t investigated further what products they can recommend me to get me up and out of bed with a spring in my step each morning, but I would recommend their quiz. You may learn a little about yourself – or in my case confirm that I can be a lazy little so and so!
Your dominant Vitality type is…. Seeds.
“I like to work at my own pace; life’s too short to stress out.”
Seeds people are: Caring * nurturing * sympathetic * understanding * patient * cautious * reliable * loving * tolerant * loyal * empathetic
Element: Water.
Ah, you’re a Seeds Type… you’re the person we warm to and want in our lives as an emotional anchor. Think about a seed, it’s everything in potential. It develops at its own time in the dark. You share many of those qualities, you’re patient yet tenacious. Setbacks aren’t a problem, you’re able to calmly assess a situation and adjust your approach if you need to. You’re naturally generous and love to provide for others.
Your emotional life is of paramount importance to you with the focus squarely on family and relationships. However, your easy-going nature can make you prone to laziness and you often easily lose focus and become directionless. Your desire to be cautious can mean you avoid risks altogether which makes others regard you as plodding.You have a tendency to over-eat as you love sugary, simple carb foods which can often leave you feeling bloated. In moments of stress you can become overly emotional and others can see you as sentimental.
The path to balance for you is about taking simple steps. Gentle exercise and detoxing is your key to Vitality. Aromatic cleansing herbs, Shiatsu and Lymphatic Draining massage can all help you regain that sense of energy you crave.

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