Bad Swapper

So I fess up, I’m a bad swapper.
I have completely and utterly failed to met the deadline of having my swap package postmarked by Monday 30th June. BUT I do have a wonderful defence. I have been home for the weekend to see both my parents and Ian’s parents. It was his Mum‘s birthday last Friday so we went home to celebrate with her. After the train journey from hell (which will be another post on it’s own) we arrived home just in time to celebrate with her and have a wonderful day out in one of my very favourite places.

Once I knew that we would be going, at Ian’s Mum’s request I knew I had to wait to send my package. Corbridge is a gem of a village on the edge of Northumberland, about 35 – 40 mins north of where our parents live, and sits on Hadrian’s Wall. For a village it is amazingly full of shops , shops that are so much more than the normal Spar or VG. Beautiful, imaginative shops. Non of them better though than the amazing RE.

I completely adore RE.

It could be my very favourite shop in the world! When I signed up for the Swap I had no idea that I would actually get a chance to go to RE to stock up on goodies, but stock up I did.

Amy, I hope you are in for a treat, so please forgive my lateness.

Again, I didn’t have my camera (will I ever learn) but my trusty phone I think did the job quiet well… prepare for the delights that is RE.


One thought on “Bad Swapper”

  1. Dearest Philippa…As you learn my temperment, you will know that I am very relaxed, happy and content. I am thrilled to receive your package, whenever it may arrive 🙂Yours is on it’s way and I pray it doesn’t disappoint. Your photos are lovely; I wish I were there!!!No worries…… 😉Amy

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