Sick day cake

I have been hit with a combination of my usual hayfever and a cold.

The pharmacist says that it is actually the allergy which is making the symptoms of the cold so horrid. I have been feeling bunged up all weekend and I just couldn’t drag myself into work this morning. I think I would have actually been ok at work, it was just the 50 minuet commute from where I live in South East London to where I work in Westminster that was too much to face. Being squished like a sardine twice a day is normally almost bearable, but not this morning.

So I slept away most of the morning, waded my way through a whole box of tissues, till I got board of lying in bed.

I needed more medication so I drove to Sainsburys in Greenwich to get more cold remedies, food for lunch and fill the car with diesel (Sainsburys is the cheapest round here at the moment, but still eye watering at £1.29 a litre). But you know the feeling you have when you dash out when you are ill, the little bit of guilt that if you ran into any one you know they will think you are skiving? Well highly unlikely that I would meet anyone from work, so ok on that front. But what I do find is a whole film crew in the store midst of recording Sainsbury’s latest advert! I scuttled around the shop as fast as I can, avoiding all cameras as far as I can tell.

After all that excitement I came home to settle down for lunch and watch Saturday’s episode of Dr Who (don’t want to spoil it, but WOW!). Had a little snooze and finally managed to rouse myself for 10 minuets in which I whipped up a Carrot Cake mix, which thankfully sits in the oven for an hour. Frosted with a little cream cheese frosting, and tada!

Sick day cake!

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3 Responses to Sick day cake

  1. Amy says:

    Philippa!so sorry you are feeling ill. I am glad you have the energy to make that yummy looking cake.My mouth is watering, it looks so delightful!Take care of yourself and get well….Amy

  2. Liz says:

    Hope you feel de-bunged soon. Can’t wait to see the Sainsbury’s advert so that I can keep an eye out for the furtive scuttler!

  3. Philippa says:

    It was so embarrassing but when Ian got home and I told him how worried I was that I had been caught, he casually said, ‘they don’t run a date on an advert do they? So no one will know’. Blame my cold addled brain, but I hadn’t thought of that…

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