Six months and counting…

In six months and two and a half hours, I will be walking down the aisle!
I just can’t believe it. It only seems a moments since Ian proposed and I said yes!
Plans are well and truly coming together, and we are almost organised. The Wedding invitations were hand delivered (can you believe that) on Monday evening and are perfect.

I am trying to make the wedding as green as I can, and frankly if I can’t do this, then know one can. I am also super keen to keep everything as local as possible.
The wedding invitations are printed in vegetable ink on recycled card and are from a printer which is literally 2 miles down the road. Not so local to the wedding venue which is back at home, but local to where we live in London.
I wrestled with the idea of favours. What are they for? Why should we have the extra cost? I never liked party bags when I was little so why start now?

Then I found these. They are perfect for us.

I am a really keen gardener (who is currently fighting with the snails in battle not unlike Marston Moor – but that is another story) whilst Ian is learning to love the simple act of sewing a seed and then loving it as it grows. But I can’t work out how to make them look lovely. I had wanted to pop them into tiny brown paper bags gift tied with butchers twin and labled, but I can’t find any paper bags.

So for now I am stumped.
The cake is booked, the cars are organised, we really are very nearly ready…and only six months to go till we are Mr & Mrs!

2 thoughts on “Six months and counting…”

  1. Oh wow! I just can’t quiet find the right type here and when I find something almost right – they come in packs of 1000’s! I wish we had Paper Source in England.

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