Balh week

I’m in a fug.

Work is getting me down at the moment. I have had a change in boss, and considering I work for the biggest boss in the company, the ‘Big Cheese’, this change has shaken the whole place.

My old boss has left to start a new, exciting and very important organisation, I wish them well and I wish I could have moved to the new organisation with them. My current boss has stepped up from with in the business to be ‘Acting Big Cheese’ until at least the end of the year, when a permanent Big Cheese will be appointed.

Unfortunately New Boss, works completely differently to Old Boss, which is leaving me extremely unsettled.

I am becoming rapidly surplus to requirements, and all my normal roles are slowly drifting away as they are clearly not needed.

So I’m in a Fug.

This is currently the second week of the Fug, hence no real post last week, I just couldn’t be bothered. Ian even took me on a day out to Whitstable to cheer me up (it did, it really did, but then I had to come back to work).

His parents are with us for a few days, so we are hoping to go back to Whitstable on Saturday – it was deemed Parent friendly, as the church does cream teas, there is an honesty car park and plenty of boats to looks at. Ticks all the boxes of a parent friendly place.

This time I will take my camera and I will post about it, I will pull myself out of this dreary, dank damp Fug!

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One Response to Balh week

  1. Amy says:

    Phillippa!Hello! Kelly gave you to me for the swap, as I requested a “London girl” 🙂 I hope to visit your blog and learn more about you this weekend…Meanwhile, email me and/or check out my blogs! I look forward to knowing you!

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