Fame at last

Aren’t blogs wonderful?

Pulling people together from all over the place. As you know I read Kat’s blog, through Kat I met Liz (in the blogging sense) and I have been reading Liz’s mouth watering blog for a little while now.

Then lo and behold, I noticed this…..

screen dump1

Cheekily pinched from Liz at http://www.lovethosecupcakes.typepad.com/

I’m famous.

Funny isn’t it? I really was amazed to see that some one had read my little blog and thought that it was ok enough to rec to other people.

Wow…just wow.


2 thoughts on “Fame at last”

  1. Your blog is great! I have to ask, though, how on earth did you recognise Roseberry Topping from my photograph? I’m very impressed.

  2. I moved to London from Teesdale two years agao – I used to live in a little village called Gainford, just outside of Darlington. My work used to take me into the Leven Valley on a very regular basis. I used to spend days driving around Stokesly and the little villages like Carlton in Cleveland and Poto and Great Ayton. I miss it terribly!

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