Bad blogger…

I’m sorry I’m sorry, but the weather has just been so loverly that I couldn’t bare to be indoors (and when I was I was at work grr!).

So, first things first.

Thank you Kat! I went away for a few days and arrived home to find this waiting for me… a fab butterfly garland and hand made card.

You really are so kind Kat, thanks very much, glad to hear you are also feeling a little better. Keep at it!

Then we went away to our friends wedding, so beautiful, such a mad dash, but so worth it.

Then work has been insanely busy. More about that later.

Then my folks came to visit for a day (a day I tell you! 600 mile round trip!) So I made a Strawberry tart to celebrate.

Then I watched dispatches on Chanel 4 last night and got so freaked out that I spent half an hour in the bathroom throwing all sorts of bottles and jars out until I was left with only my organic face wash, shower bar, biodynamic moisturisers and shampoo.

Still feel freaked out by the scary chemical make up I still use. Can any one recommend non chemical good make up?

So there you go, a missing three weeks in thirty seconds!


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