I’ve won a prize! Imagine that. Kat over at Secrets of a butterfly had a little competition to celebrate her blogs 1st birthday.

Now this blog is particularly special to me, as Kat lives in the North East, not far from where I am from. So her little window into all that is wonderful about home is just a breath of fresh air.

Kat hasn’t been too well recently, so I am wishing her a speedy recovery. My Mum developed Fibromyalgia several years ago, and though she is really beginning to recover from it, I am well aware of how careful you need to be with your health.

So best wishes Kat and thanks so much!


3 thoughts on “Hurrah!”

  1. Hi Philippa,Congratulations on winning a prize from Kat. She is such a kind, sweet person and her blog led me to yours, which I have enjoyed reading. The shop ‘You don’t bring me flowers’ looks like a lovely place to visit. How amazing to have all those wonderful things in one place 🙂

  2. Like Hazel, I found your lovely blog via Secrets of a Butterfly. (And, like you and Kat, I’m also from the north east). Well done on winning some blog candy!

  3. hi Philippa,thanks for your lovely words and i’m so glad you enjoy the window into the northeast through my blog,i will def post some more pics once i’m doing better again and out and about in the countryside, love kat x

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