Karma Club

I love lush.

I really do.

But every now and then I do stray away from them. I am enticed by the fancy packaging and the endless promises of a youthful dewy glow and my inner shallow fashionista is brought to the fore.

Then I get freaked out by the creepiness of their products and I run back to Lush, full of apologies that I strayed. Click here to read more about Lush’s testing policy.

I have been away for longer then usual this time and I feel a little like a stranger to them. Products have moved on and changed. Though my stalwarts are still there.

The amazing Fairy Jasmine bath bomb is just a dream. It smells sooo good and the glitter! Oh my, its so fun (until you get sick of having glitter every where for weeks after, not just on you but on your significant other…he really wasn’t a happy camper).

However, my very favourite Lush goodie is Karma.

Whether its is Karma soap, Karma cream or Karma fragrance spray. Sadly I have always been too cheap to by the fragrance, part with £20 for a perfume?! Crazy.

So I was thrilled to find that they now do a Karma Solid Perfume. A little tin of loveliness, that sits in my coat pocket along with all the other necessaries that a girl needs (oyster card, tissues, hundreds of tissues, Burt’s Bees lip balm, 20p for when you need to spend a penny (how times have changed) building security pass for work) and yes, I do still carry a hand bag too.

So now I can smell lovely at any time without the worry of creepy chemicals. Karma is wonderfully safe, natural and amazingly Vegan.

Make the world a lovelier place, buy Karma!


3 thoughts on “Karma Club”

  1. Hi Philippa, I just came to your blog via Kat’s one. Congrats on winning the butterfly garland and on a lovely blog. I was very interested in your recommendation of Kate Tempest’s site and loved what I saw, I want loads of the prints now!! Jackie M

  2. They are just fab aren’t they? I would have walls filled with them, had my chap not stepped in at the last moment, asking quiet where did I think they would fit as there is barely any space on our wals as it is!

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